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Looking at the big picture in life, we strive to achieve a resolution vector for our private and business aspirations:

  • We work to compound our experiences and grow by them!

  • 15 years of Investment Banking and now the same angle of business stewardship and management focused on the Health Care Industry.

And now combine all this with the opportunity to team up with a network of European engineers and architects (CE 9000-Group) providing state-of-the-art turn-key projects which conserve and preserve precious and scarce natural resources.

Member of CE 9000-Group


Beginning with a pure Investment Banking focus in my career I have in the mean time developed an interdisciplinary as well as inter-cultural approach to project management and consulting mandates in Europe, Asia and Africa. I have learned to compounding and leverage my classical experience in Finance, Management and Organzational Theory as well as Conflict Management with my personal talents for History, Literature, Music and Languages.
I grew up in Washington, D.C., where my father was station manager for Lufthansa Cargo and I attended the German School in Potomac, Maryland. After taking a BA in Political Science at Temple University in Philadelphia I proceded to earn an MA in Peace Science under Walter Isard at the University of Pennsylvania also in Philadelphia. During a short stint at the Busch Reasearch Center under Russel Ackoff and Hasan ÷zbekan,  I specialized in management succession problems for family owned businesses, preferring finally to focus on hard financial issues rather than the soft questions of organizational theory. At George Washington University, where my father had majored in International Business for his own MBA, I proceded to major in Finance as well as International Businesss.
After graduating I settled in Germany and began my international career by originating and lead managing capital market mandates for corporate and sovereign debt as well as stock market IPOs for Commerzbank, Citibank, Rabobank and Bayerische Landesbank. Due to family planning, I switched to network marketing for retail financings with my own agency in Marburg. It was during this time, that already received several mandates to value and give fairness opinions for the sale and financings of hospitals as well as private practices, rehab clinics and retirement homes.    
Thereafter successful completion of the hcm-program at the University of Marburg under Prof. Michael Lingenfelder and Prof. Klaus-Jochen Klose with the title of Healthcare Manager covering all aspects of business administration in clinics and hospitals as well as the legal aspects of medical as well as human resources issues as well as organizational theory.
Ever since I have enjoyed a growing circle of associates and partners in working parties for mandated projects in Germany, Egypt and especially the Gulf Cooperation Council member states.



        TELEFON +49 6421 681870 ∑ FAX +49 171 7002136 ∑ ANDREAS.SCHOENWANDT@CE9000.EU